De Búrca’s first year in photos!

Front of McHale's - April 2014

Front of McHale’s – April 2014

This is kinda our first year in De Búrca in photos – it looks like it happened all in one week. But it happened over nights and weekends and two days closed for business in October. It was a mad year. We’re happy it happened and we’re happy it’s over! Settling in now. Thanks to everyone that helped us.

The Launch – 13th October 2014

Seeing as my brain is still not operating at full capacity, I’m going to do a lazy post again and publish a mix of the press release we sent the local print media around Castlebar and what we posted ourselves on Facebook. I include some photos of the night also. All photos on the night were taken by Robert Justynski from Castlebar. His facebook link can be found through our FB page for those interested in his work.

back of invite

After a gruelling week of renovations, with the replacement of the shop front, and the complete retiling and reorganisation of the interior, De Búrca’s Traditional Butcher Shop had its launch, exactly one week after it removed the front façade of the building. Seán Bourke and Sarah Ní Shúilleabháin, the husband and wife team behind the shop, were relieved the launch could go ahead in a relatively completed interior.

Peter and Mary Ward from Country Choice in Nenagh travelled to join their friends and help them launch the night. Family joined them from Connemara and Breaffy and there was a huge turnout from neighbours on Main Street and adjoining streets. Both Seán and Sarah wanted the food to reflect the ethos of their shop –  it was mainly local Slow Food with Rua responsible for searing De Búrca’s 32 day dry-aged sirloin of Mayo beef and supplying accompaniments such as the horseradish sauce, pickled cucumber, Rua brown bread and Cuinneóg Buttermilk Panna cottas with Blackberry for dessert. Andrew of Carrowholly Cheese supplied them with some of his cheeses for the night.  Peter and Mary Ward brought some Tipperary Country Choice Pork Terrine that was paired with Westport Grove’s Quince with Star Anise jelly. The Connemara Smokehouse supplied their Organic Smoked Salmon. Pat Grimes from Reek View brought some Rocket for the beef and some beautiful edible flowers. Caroline and Ian Price from West Mayo Brewery in Islandeady served their Clew Bay Ale with tap and gas kindly provided by BarOne.

The stars of the evening were Seán and Sarah’s two little girls Elly and Sadhbh who rounded off the speeches with their own rehearsed addition: De Búrca’s Traditional Butcher Shop is now officially open!

All attached photographs were taken by Robert Justynski.

One-of-a-kind Butcher Shop in Sydney

De Búrca

There is a butcher shop in Sydney called Victor Churchill. It was established in 1876 and in 2009 was redesigned by Dreamtime Australia Design.

From the front it looks like something Dickensian. The display in the window of the shop, however, gives a little hint of what is waiting inside.

The interior of this shop is unbelievable. To me, it is like a meat-themed art installation. It is so far removed from what I would have imagined a butcher’s shop could be, that I find it fascinating. There is a revolving meat rack, and what appears like the most security protected tiny piece of meat in the world.

 I have never visited this shop in person, but would love to do so. However, I don’t think it would fit quietly into small town Ireland. Think of the talk it would generate?

 … did you see the cameras? I felt like I was with Marty on Winning Streak…   

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